About "Sukicarp" Team

The team had been made in 2007y. from Plamen Pentchev,Ilian Draganov and Vasil Atanasov. With passion to fishing for long years, they decide to make their own team and experience their self together. They've joined many championships and won lots of cups and first places. In the year of creation the team become Rebuplic  Champion ,and at 2008 they became 2nd. 

Plamen and Vasil even joined  the World's Fishing Championship, that was made at 23-26 October 2008y, Bloemhoffdam (South Africa). The picture from the World Championship may be seen at our gallery.

This year the team successfully win a place for the World's Fishing Championship wich will be in France, June. Hard training and  collecting money to go. We hope of a finance help from the Bulgarian federation of sport fishing and of course sponsors.


My story begins since I were a kid. When I was 10 years old I went fishing for first time with a my made rod. In the time I've started fishing with a bottle. When I was first class my grandfather made a gift for me,clock. At the time to have a clock was big deal. But since we lived near Maritsa river I went fishing and of course my clock fall down in the water. After that with together help of my mother and father we could pull it out, but for me there was one more gift-fight.



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