Conditions to fish

The reservoir is near Kostenets city. Its about sport fishing. Its moto is "Catch & Release. The reservoir is  with size 60decare. It's breed with more than 1.2tons of carps and other. The carp is withheight more than 1 kilo.

Come to us


With earning the chance to fish , /card or ticket/ every fisher must keep the nature clean and follow the rules of a real sport fishing and know and learn the rules:

The reservoir is ONLY for sport fishing.

You're not allowed to:

  • taking plastic bottles
  • high presure bottles
  • releasing trash near water
  • destroying the nature
  • cutting trees is NOT ALLOWED
  • night fishing (only if you're allowed)
  • Kids under 10 years being alone.
  • fishing out of the sector or in the near sector
  • fishing if your time ran out, written on the ticket
  • using chemicals in the food, that are not allowed
  • forcibly taking the fish out
  • catching the fish for the eyes and wheeze and removing the bait with un-allowed materials
  • you must use mattress
  • mattress and fish catcher always have to be wet
  • the fish need to be released when you picture with her
  • you can buy fish only with height from 1 to 3 kilos
  • going into the water (only allowed 0.5m)


  • using chemicals in the food, that are not allowed
  • when you catch fish call the personal
  • the alcohol in bigger amount doesn't help fishing. Drunk persons will not be allowed to fish
  • the Sukicarp team can at any time warn a fisher for made mistakes and suggest him
  • keep you fishing card until you leave
  • park right you cars on the parking
  • do not leave your inventory without watch / for lost items everybody is response about himself /
  • every fisher is response about how he fish
  • kids under 10 years old should not fish and if they do stay in their sector
  • you can keep sector with call on the phone
  • the fish between 1 and 3 kilos must be released



- Breaking the rules will get you warn, keep doing it and you will de removed from it.



Rod 1 (adult): 3 euro
Rod 1 (young): 1 euro
VIP ticket (3 rods for 24 hours + sleep in the VIP zone) 20 euro
5 euro for car in the VIP zone
Creating club card (Year club card gives you the ability to fish any time at the VIP zone with 3 rods)
Prices for card
-Until 15.03.2009 year - 200 euro.
-From 15.03 till 1.04.2009year - 230 euro .
-From 1.04.2009year - 250 euro
Carp: 7 euro/kilo

Our motto is:

Catch and Release